À l'atelier


2-channel HD video, 12:17min, silent, loop

Oscar Veyrunes

installation view, Delphi Space, 2023

The studio, a space of work, of life, of dream, of construction, of creation, of introspection, a space to meet, a personnel and shared space, a space of emptiness, of chaos, of accumulation, a material space, an inner space, a space for research and of leting go, a space open and closed.

À l'atelier happens close to the artist's day to day life in Berlin with video recordings of his journeys back and forth in public transports, day and night from his home to his studio and video recordings of moments of reading and dreaming in his studio. Through collage, the walls of the studio free themselves from their condition of structuring to become outside, movement, journey, and to put themselves in relation with the introspection of an inside.

À l'atelier becomes a "tableau vivant" where the movement of an outside is put in relation with the dreaming of an inside.