[m`'wsT_K.Z], 2024, wire mesh, receipt, 8 x 21 x 5 cm

[///€u.tioN//], 2024, wire mesh, receipt, 5 x 11 x 7 cm

[v.-.In'.t], 2024, wire mesh, twenty euro bill, 9 x 14 x 6 cm

[TTXX], 2024, wire mesh, twix paper, 6 x 11 x 4 cm

Installation view, PajaGalleria, 2024, [,,-.II], 2023, [o._re'je] [II], 2023, [_Ca.r'i_BB«E...an—s°un≈], 2023,

Installation view, PajaGalleria, 2024, Detail, [,,-.II], 2023

Installation view, PajaGalleria, 2024

Installation view, PajaGalleria, 2024, [,,-.I], 2023

The Finnish artist Markus Jäntti and the French-German artist Oscar Veyrunes open their first duo exhibition Automatic at PajaGalleria in Helsinki with a new body of works including paintings, monotypes and sculptures. This project reflects the artist's ongoing exploration of the shifting moment when products become cultural myths and symbols. In his paintings and prints, Jäntti investigates the figures of horses, unicorns, roses and cars.Veyrunes, on his part, develops a specific weaving methodology ofwire meshes around domestic objects. This dialog creates a hybrid environment where the familiar – toy car, pillow, flowers,cartoonish figure – is counterbalanced by peculiar and unforeseen moments. At times, the works seem like memories, already somewhat vague and elusive, punctuated unexpectedly by details wafting in fromother contexts.

graphic design : Eilis Searson

[mat.la.70.140], 2023

wire mesh, mattress, 94 x 76 x 67,5 cm

[_Ca.r'i_BB«E...an—s°un≈], 2023

wire mesh, swim gear, 34,5 x 34 x 12 cm

[.QWERTZ.], 2023

wire mesh, folding keybord, 30 x13 X 17 cm

[o._re'je], 2023 I Viktoriahof 2023

wire mesh,pillow, 54 x 42 x 28 cm

[mat.la], 2022 I  Viktoriahof 2023

wire mesh, mattress, 75 x 130 x 90 cm

Installation view : baseline, TIB, Berlin 2022, including the artists Anton Bo Matzke, Solveig Schmid, Marja Marlene Lechner, Jakob Rava, Klara Bergsteiger and Joram Schön.

© photos : Bernhard Ludewig and Jakob Rava

graphic design of the poster : Eilis Searson

[o._re'je], 2023

wire mesh,pillow, 54 x 42 x 28 cm

[__}{'., 2023

wire mesh, 138 x 34 cm

'{_…..], 2022

wire mesh, 186 x 43 cm

]...[, 2022

wire mesh, 204 x 72 cm

Installation view : Vague, Hilbertraum, Berlin, 2022 with Marküs Jäntti-Tuominen, Kallirroi Ioannidou and Caroline Bernhofer.

© photos : Bernhard Ludewig

Le robinet, 2022

found faucet, water pipes extensions, dimension variable, adjusting to the ceiling high

WITH LOVE (from_to), 2022

wire mesh, recollection of objects, frame, photo prints, plaster, on going rust, 137 x 48 x 48 cm

Installtion view : More than Liquid, Teile2o46, Berlin, 2022, with Marta Djourina, Leon Fender, Jane Garbert, Marlene Hundt, Kallirroi Ioannidou, Andrea Martens, Ole Meergans, Marie Rief and Solvieg Schmid. Organised by Solveig Schmid and Jane Garbert.


Rouge rouille, 2022

printed pvc, objects, 170 x 250 cm

Installation view : Bisous XX, Raum für Sichtbarkeit, Berlin, 2022, with Solveig Schmid, Kallirroi Ioannidou and Lexia Hachtmann. Curated by Julia Meyer-Brehm.

sans titre (rouille),2021

found objects, on going rust process, 150 x 7 x 8 cm

sans titre (structures), 2022

found object, wire mesh, cut out maps, paper, 45 x 26,5 cm

Bisous xx, 2022

found object , 21,5 x 17 cm

De l'un à l'autre (going through), 2021

found objects, video silent, loop, cut out Google Earth maps extracts on paper, aluminium plates, 200 x 200 x variable (H) cm

In Between, 2021

found objects, video silent, loop

Attrape-rêve, 2021 I Installation  view : Let's see if this works, Circus Schatzinsel, Berlin, 2021

two videos, silent, endless loops, a UHD TV, a smartphone, a matress, a lampe and a printed image

Buying a dream catcher is good but knowing where to place it is better, usually in the bedroom to catch dreams of course, but especially in a lighted place so that the daylight destroys the bad dreams, often the best will be to hang it on the window of his room.

When buying your dream catcher, give priority to quality if it is to protect you from evil spirits.

En attendant Daegu, 2020

installation involving a serie of 7 videos, 4K, silent, endless loops, a printed PVC floor 430 x 300 cm and multiple day-to-day objects

Installtion view : En attendant Daegu, Retramp, Berlin, 2020

© photos : Michael Vick

En recherche, 2019

Single-channel HD video, 12:12min, silent, loop

Installation view : Degree UdK, Berlin, 2019

Hugo, 2019

Single-channel 4K video, 10:37min, silent, endless loop

A relationship with a dog named Hugo.

Installation view: Rundgang UdK, Berlin, 2019

À l'atelier, 2018

2-channel HD video, 12:17min, silent, loop

The studio, a space of work, of life, of dream, of construction, of creation, of introspection, a space to meet, a personnel and shared space, a space of emptiness, of chaos, of accumulation, a material space, an inner space, a space for research and of leting go, a space open and closed.

À l'atelier happens close to the artist's day to day life in Berlin with video recordings of his journeys back and forth in public transports, day and night from his home to his studio and video recordings of moments of reading and dreaming in his studio. Through collage, the walls of the studio free themselves from their condition of structuring to become outside, movement, journey, and to put themselves in relation with the introspection of an inside.

À l'atelier becomes a "tableau vivant" where the movement of an outside is put in relation with the dreaming of an inside.

Installation view : Moving space, Art Space Claudia Delank, Berlin, 2019, with Yuge Zhou

Silhouettes, 2019

paper collage on aluminium, 22 x 29,3 cm

Ne me tourne pas le dos, 2018

paper collage on aluminium, 200 x 100cm

Constellation, 2018

paper collage on aluminium, 200 x 300cm

Human stupidity is international, 2018

paper collage, framed, 44,8 x 38,3 cm

People, 2015

Single channel Video, HD, silent, color, loop, 4:48min